It is gently pressed between tongue and palate; slowly fresh and delicious, it begins to merge:

it wets the soft palate, brushes the tonsils, penetrates the welcoming esophagus and finally lays itself in the stomach that laughs with crazy contentment.

The semi-dried tomato

For its production, PomUp chooses only raw materials at km0, with the possibility of buying tomatoes from local retailers and making sure to help the growth of local farms. Furthermore, in this way, the product has a certified origin which also affirms its quality. The strong point is also the processing that takes care of the tomato and its transformation, with innovative machinery.

Twenty years of activity have led to the best choice, with cutting-edge drying ovens, which allow the processing and drying of the tomato without altering its organoleptic properties and its unique and unmistakable flavor. The development, however, in PomUp never reaches its peak, but always remains in the study phase, to keep up with the times and improve day after day.

Precious ally in the kitchen

PomUp is able to satisfy the most demanding palates also because of its flexibility. In delicious appetizers, tasty first or second courses, raw, cooked or fried, it always manages to give that extra touch to the dish, enhancing any recipe.

As a company we actively collaborate with some Chefs, sponsoring initiatives, show-cooking and activities because we believe in the value of tradition and good food, a source of pride and a pride of Italian culture

Consumer opinion

The ecstasy of those who taste it

We are very attentive to customer opinions, we take care to listen to all the feedback that comes to us, in order to guarantee an always entrancing taste experience. The involvement and satisfaction of people is one of the most important business objectives for us, for this reason it is the astonished face of those who taste the pomup for the first time the greatest form of gratification, which pushes us to continue on this path, that of quality and respect for nature.

The production process

Sorting & Washing
The first phase is that in which the product, after being stored and subjected to quality controls, is depalletized and selected on the basis of the organoleptic characteristics. Once the product suitable for processing has been selected, it is washed and disinfected to proceed to the next step
Cutting & Salting
In the second, the tomato is cut into 6-8 segments through a cutter and then salted.
Semi-dehydration in the oven
In the third phase there is no intervention because it is nothing more than the semi-dehydration process of the tomato.
Dressing & Packaging
The last phase of the process is that of dressing the tomato through the addition of oregano and garlic; then the product is placed in the packer which concludes the process with the addition of oil and heat sealing ..
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