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Etymologically the word derives from the term Pom (abbreviation of tomato) and from the English term Up which embodies the broader concept of the desire for growth and expansion. The Semi-dry PomUp radically changes the idea of the traditional sun-dried dried tomato and focuses on the naturalness of the raw material while preserving its color, flavor and keeping the organoleptic properties of the food unchanged. PomUp Sicilia was and still is a bet of the Sicilian entrepreneur Claudio Amore.

The company

At the forefront for a unique product

The company was founded in ’97 in Vizzini, to develop an unusual product in the Sicilian territory, the semi-dried tomato, in contrast with the classic sun-dried tomato.

The goal of offering its customers a high quality product inevitably leads to a scrupulous selection of raw materials: a selection that is carried out considering soil and climate factors, environmental factors, the variety choice and a careful and rigid qualification of suppliers.

Passion and dedication these are the notions that over the years the entrepreneur manages to convey to his children who today manage the company in an innovative way in respect of the values ​​learned. Attention to the customer, scrupulous screaning of the different needs of the target audience and above all transparency, renewal and quality become the top aspects of the company. With the years beyond experience, many aspects have undergone considerable development.

Following investments in machinery that have made it possible to improve the production process, the workforce has also definitely strengthened. Today the company makes use of a young and close-knit team always involved in the goals achieved and eager to reach new ones, attentive to the critical issues of each individual member of the team because aware of the value that each is able to give to create a unique product. To make us particularly proud today, in addition to the Italian market that constantly offers us satisfactions, is the foreign market share that for a year now our brand has been reaching.

At the moment the countries in which our product is exported are: Ireland, France, Belgium, England, Poland and Germany. Our next goal is to enter high-level catering, capillaryise our presence in markets where we already operate and expand to new markets.

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