About us

about us Pomup
The company was founded in 1996 in Tunisia by an Italian-Australian team of entrepreneurs. The intuition was that of introducing a new typology of processing of a typical soil product in a market open to innovation. From the outset the sem-dried tomato fits between the niche products.
The success of the intuition projects the team toward a new objective:improving the experiment starting from the raw material. This is the reason why the company moved in 2001 in Sicily, island well-known for the fertility of its fields, the craftsmanship of the production and the genuineness of its fruits.

The semi-dried tomato becomes PomUp

Name born from the union of these different cultures, the Italians and Australians. From the etymological point of view, the name takes its origin from the words Pom (abbreviation of the Italian term “pomodoro”=tomato) and the English “Up” that embraces the general concept of development and expansion will. PomUp semi-dried tomato radically revolutionizes the idea of traditional dried tomato dehydrated by the sun and works for the naturalness of raw material preserving its colour, flavour and keeping unchanged the organoleptic properties of the product.
PomUp Sicily was and today is a bet of the Sicilian entrepreneur Claudio Amore.
Passion and dedication: these are the notions that during the years the entrepreneur has transmitted to his sons who actually manage the company in a very innovative way respecting the assimilated values. Ability to understand customer’s requirements, scrupulous screening about the different needs of the target market and firstly directness innovation and quality are the strong points of the company.
During the years, thanks to experience, there have been several changes and improvements. After a series of investments on equipments that has improved the productive process, also labour force has been reinforced. Today the company uses a young and harmonious team which always participate in the goals reached and in the objectives yet to be achieved, careful about the critical issues of a single member of the team because conscious of the value that each one has in order to create a product which is unique. We are obviously very proud of Italian market that constantly brings us satisfactions but mainly of foreign market share we are reaching with our brand from the last year. Actually we export in Ireland, France, Belgium, England, Poland and Germany. Our next goal is to become part of an high level catering, to spread widely in the we are yet in and to expand in new ones.


We believe in the value of traditions and conviviality. We are sure about the forcefulness and genuineness of our semi-dried. We are looking for new commercial challenges and innovations to share. Thanks to our determination, today PomUp tomato is an appreciated product in several European countries. Our primary objective is to export in as many countries as possible the value of our land through our tomato. This the reason why we always participate in trade shows, events and work shops in order to make ourselves known and to grow. Sicilian tradition, genuineness of the raw material an a careful and technically advanced processed are the details that allow us to make a difference on the market.