It’s possible to crush it gently between tongue and palate; fresh and delicious, it begins to melt slowly: it wets the soft palate, it touches the tonsils, (it penetrates into the esophagus friendly, and it is deposited in the stomach that laughs with fool’s happiness.G. Flaubert

No one can think well , love well , sleep well , if he didn’t eat well.Virginia Wolf

There is no man who can not drink or eat, but just few of them are able to understand what has flavour.Confucio


We use local products only for our PomUp semi-dried tomatoes. Opting to buy our tomatoes at local sellers we are sure to increase the development of our territory. We are investing in an isle which has everything to offer and we guarantee high quality and traceability of the raw material. Indeed, the farmers who are our partners, follow the PomUp indications meticulously in order to obtain products, uniform in flavor, colour, maturation and dimensions. Our strength is the processing. Twenty years working passionately have allowed PomUp to have drying ovens which are the at the cutting edge of technology and avoid the pasteurization phase, process that could alter the organoleptic properties and the nutritional values. Constantly active on improving our standards, our research and development area is always at work, in order to study new procedures and furnish us the best equipments on the internal market.

The processing of PomUp semi-dried tomatoes begins with the selection of local and qualified vendors in finding of raw material, and it is divided in 4 phases:

phase 1

Phase 1
Selection and washing

In the first phase the product, after it has been stocked and subjected to quality controls, is depalletized and selected according to organoleptic properties. After the selection, the product which is suitable for the processing is washed and disinfected for the next phase.

phase 2

Phase 2
Cutting and salting

In the second phase tomato is cutted in 6-8 slices through a cutter and then salted.

phase 3

Phase 3

In the third phase there are not interventions, only the semi-dehydration process of tomatoes.

phase 4

Phase 4
Seasoning and packaging

The last phase of processing is the seasoning of tomato with the addition of oregano and garlic; at a later stage the product is set out in the package that concludes the process with addition of oil and heat-sealing.