(1) What is the difference between dried and semi-dried?

The dehydration process. Dried tomato is completely dehydrated with a cdehydrated odifiWhat cation of consistence and organoleptic properties. Semi-dried, undergoing a partial dehydration, mantains properties and also flavour of the product

(2) How does PomUp semi-dried tomatoes differ from the productions of competitors?

PomUp tomatoes make the difference because they needn’t of pasteurization and/or other physical-chemical processes for conservation.

(3) Have PomUp retail stores?

Actually they aren’t planned.

(4) Where is it possible to buy PomUp products?

At our manufacturing plant or through our distributors, displaced especially in North-Italy area.

(5) How does the product is flavoured?

Simply with salt, oregano and garlic.

(6) What is the best way to conserve the product after its opening?

Being a fresh produce, the product has to be conserved into the refrigerator, furthermore in order to preserve its properties it is recommended to cover the remaining part of the product with sunflower oil.

(7) How many time can the product remain open without going through alterations?

If the conditions of conservation are respected, the product can be consumed within 4 days of its opening.

(8) What are the signals that indicate the alteration of the product?

The product is altered pic there is air in the package and it is swollen.

(9) Does the oil addition help to conserve the product?

Oil is a natural preservative so it is indispensable in the conservation.

(10) Do the packaged products lose quality and nutritional values if compared to the fresh ones?

Packaged products can have more quality and nutritional values than the fresh produces if the raw materials used are well selected and of very good quality.

(11) How can I reach more information about the product?

For more information, it is possible to contact the company by the addresses indicated in our website.

(12) How we can cook your product?

Our product can be consumed in many different ways, according to own taste: uncooked on bruschetta or as appetizer, cooked to create delicious first and second dishes and finally an excellent suggestion is blending our semi-dried tomato to experiment fanciful and tasty pate’ which you can use as you prefer.