about us

About us

The company was founded in 1996 in Tunisia by an Italian-Australian team of entrepreneurs.
The intuition was that of introducing a new typology of processing of a typical soil product in a market open to innovation.

The success of the intuition projects the team toward a new objective:improving the experiment starting from the raw material.

We believe in the value of traditions and conviviality. We are sure about the forcefulness and genuineness of our semi-dried. We are looking for new commercial challenges and innovations to share.


World Food Moscow 2016


After gaining the Superior Taste Award recognition for the second year consecutive for food excellence, the leader company in tomato semidried POMUP production confirms his participation at “WORLD FOOD MOSCOW …

PomUp and Bellavita Expo 2015 Amsterdam: participation


PomUp and Bellavita Expo 2015 Amsterdam: participation PomUp, leader company in the production of authentic Sicilian semi-dried tomato, confirm its participation at Bellavita Expo 2015 on November 22-33 at Amsterdam …

Pumup is the sun-dried tomato

Semi-dry PomUp change the idea of traditional sun dried tomatoes and relies on natural raw material preserving color, flavor and keeping unchanged the organoleptic food properties.